Who the hell is this?!

The name's Jonaya (she/her), also known as Alt-Universe Wash

I'm a non-binary transfem, aro-ace writer and voice-actor who's active in the Homestuck fan community.

In addition to Homestuck fan projects, I'm actively producing a gothic horror podcast known as the Alabaster Bible.

I am an adult but I do not post NSFW content on my social media accounts.

I thought you were a photojournalist WTF?!

If you followed me because of my protest photography, videography, or updates well, you're not wrong...

I don't publish a lot of my work online to protect the anonymity of protesters as much as possible. However, I do try to post updates on the ground using relevant hashtags, as well as select videos and photos.

If you're following me for that content, check the hashtags (like #austinprotest for the 2020 Austin BLM protests or #photojournalism for general content) and mute the word "Homestuck" and you'll be good!


New Game+ (a Homestuck Fan game)

Ask Kanaya!

An upcoming Homestuck visual novel (tenatively scheduled to release in 2021) that explores the concept of an Earth-C that has achieved a post-scarcity egalitarian society. But how do the returning gods of this new world integrate into a society that's been going for 5,000 years without them? How do they find their place and discover who they are as people outside of the bounds of their former societies?

New Game+ takes an explicitly leftist, inclusive perspective on the post-Act 7 world and explores issues of identity, society, work, leisure, and community using Homestuck as a general framework

I'm a writer for this project, as well as a general member of the creative team (the team is organized around anarcho-communist principles of lateral hierarchy). I won't say what route I'm writing, but I will say that I'm very much looking forward to it!

We are currently accepting applications for writers, artists, musicians, and coders!

Ask Kanaya!

Ask Kanaya!

Ask Kanaya is a character-ask Twitter account run by Kanaya Maryam.

You can submit questions via Kanaya's CuriousCat account and receive a response in the form of a short audio answer!

My cyberpunk Homestuck AU Dancestor fanfic novel!

Plasticine Soul

Available on Ao3!

Arranea Serket and Meenah Peixes once led a motley collection of rejects and outcasts - disgraces to their blood castes and outlawed from Alternian Society. But if you wanted something messy done without anyone looking too closely, they could help you out - for the right price. That all ended one day and none of them much like to talk about it.

When Arranea and Meenah are approached by a mysterious benefactor with deep pockets and vague requests, they're suspicious. But then they're given an offer they can't pass up: A chance for their past lives to be wiped clean. A chance to have their inner-most needs and desires fulfilled in ways they never thought possible. And all they need to do is a single job - a simple heist for the mystery client.

By the time they realize what's really happening, it's too late to back out. They must discover the truth behind their enigmatic patron and unravel the truth of what happened to them a half a sweep ago - before their very world is destroyed.

A voice-over collaboration with Juniper Stokes to bring the words of Funk McLovin to life!

My ongoing non-Homestuck gothic horror podcast, The Alabaster Bible - available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Soundcloud!

The Alabaster Bible: A Gothic Horror Podcast

Contributions to Fan Projects

In the Homestuck fan community, I'm a writer, voice actor, and sometimes-artist. I've done work on a few fan projects and am a prolific fanfic writer on AO3.

Want me to work for your thing?

If you're interested in having me write or do voice work for a fan project, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter or via email! I'm always interested in cool fan projects and always looking for stuff to work on!

Assuming it's a non-profit fan thing, I'm happy to help because I love the Homestuck fan community and want to help bring projects to life!

Personal Homestuck fan work

My personal fan work is mostly writing, with a lot of for-fun voice work!

I read my own fanfic on Twitch every Sunday evening at 7 pm US Central time, and archived copies of my streams are available on YouTube!

A Guide to My Homestuck Fanfic

Oh wow, I sure do write a whole shitload of Homestuck fanfic!

Where do you even start with that stuff, anyway? Well, here's a handy guide to my major works and series and what their deal is!

If You Read Only One Thing...

I'd strongly suggest you read Heir to the Listless - this fic is set at the very beginning of an alternative epilogue to Homestuck that focuses on June Egbert coming out as trans. It's one of the best stories I've ever written, and it's not overly long. It does have some very mildly NSFW bits, but nothing explicit.

Short, Stand-Alone Works That're Good!

The Death of Sentimentality is a short humanstuck AU where June Egbert deals with her grief over her father's death and dealing with the last remnants of her past. It's short, it's bittersweet, and I'm very proud of how it turned out.

Trigger warning for parental death/grief.

To Use the Common Name is an AU fic set after a very different, more brutal Homestuck timeline. Kanaya and Jade process their grief together and finally talk about their feelings for each other.

Badly Described Works of Cinematic Fiction a short, feel-good fic that focuses on June and Kanaya's friendship as they sit down to watch a movie and end up having a short discussion on the nature of their friendship.

If You Want Something That Focuses on Character...

Then the Forever After canon-divergent AU series if for you! Starting with Heir to the Listless, this picks up where Homestuck's Act 7 left off - but it focuses on character growth, healing from trauma, and emotional support... although it's not without its own challenges and perils. This AU focuses on the idea of the Homestuck characters learning to live as people instead of characters within the S'Burb construct.

It includes some meta-narrative stuff, some fluff, some real heavy stuff, and everything in-between!

A Sweeping, Epic Story Set in a Cyberpunk Hybrid AU! (also it has the dancestors!)

Plasticine Soul is a sprawling cyberpunk epic set in an AU that combines Alternia and Beforus. It features many of the Dancestors with actual fleshed-out character development.

This fic gets fairly dark at times and deals with issues of trauma, the military-industrial complex, the failures of neo-liberalism, colonialism, propaganda, the nature of consciousness, classism, and more.

Something Gritty and Dark, Like the Inside of a Well on a Moonless Night... (in the 1930s)

Pyrope & Crocker, Investigators is a detective noir AU fic set in an alternate version of 1930s Earth where the Alternians showed up in the 1900s and made themselves a part of human society.

It focuses on Jane Crocker, PI and Detective Terezi Pyrope. The first volume (The Handmaiden's Revenge) centers on a series of murders and a criminal conspiracy, the second (Past, Present, Past) deals with a strange cult in the New England woods, and the third volume (All's Well That Ends) has Jane and Terezi trying to prevent a murder that's already been committed!

These three short novels tend toward the darker side of things, with some subject matter that may be potentially triggering or disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised, and trigger and content warnings are provided throughout.

So You Kinda Didn't Like the Homestuck Epilogues, I hear...

I think you might enjoy the Born of Want canon-divergent AU series! This series diverges on the hill where June makes her fateful decision between meat and candy... except she totally beefs it and ends up throwing up all over the picnic blanket, kicking off an entirely new continuity!

This series hews a little more closely to the progression of the Epilogues, but with a very different tone. It focuses on character relationships like the Forever After AU, but has a more consistent tone and goes into more detail about specific relationships. It also has a bit more NSFW content than Forever After, so please be aware of that going in.

The first two stories deal with Jade, Rose, and Kanaya's budding relationship - the third volume goes into June's relationship with Roxy and Terezi, as well as Terezi's feelings towards Vriska.

This series contains more meta-narrative stuff, so if you like that kind of nonsense, you'll probably enjoy this!

About Me, The Person Who Is Writing This

My name is Jonaya Riley, and I'm a non-binary transfem person, who's also an aromantic-asexual. I'm a resident of Austin, TX in the United States of America. Yee-haw.

I use she/her pronouns (they/them is okay too) and would prefer you not use honorifics with me, although you can use Ms. or Mx. in writing if needed.

I am an adult who creates content primarily intended for other adults. Minors can follow my social media accounts as I don't post or link to anything NSFW on my social media platforms, but do write some NSFW fiction, or fiction with potentially NSFW elements in it. All potentially inappropriate or triggering content is rated, tagged, and labelled appropriately.

I have a strong interest in Homestuck as a framework for fan work, and do a lot to expand on that in my own work.

In my writing, I do a lot to portray LGBTQIA+ issues, as well as deal with topics like healing from trauma, emotional growth, forming and maintaining realtionships, and exploring issues of self-identity.

I work to tell good, compelling stories with interesting characters, nuanced takes on complex issues, and generally high quality writing!

Contact Me, You Cowards!